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Massage During Pregnancy - Is it a Good Option?

Massage is a common practice in almost all cultures around the world. The healing and soothing effects of touch have been recorded over thousands of years and it is now gaining increasing popularity as an alternative treatment for athletes. Sports massage is becoming an integral component of today's…

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The Way Massage Therapy Can Improve Your Well-Being

Reducing Stress massage is excellent for exercising chronic muscle tension and problem areas like chronic back pain. The relaxing massage helps to relax and loosen your tense muscles, helping the body to reach its highest level of flexibility possible. This can be particularly beneficial following a…

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How to Profit From Therapeutic Massage

When you think of someone obtaining a massage, do you imagine a therapist lending mild strokes into the back, buttocks, legs, neck, and feet? Or do you presume of a spa therapist using a costly massage table and most those high priced devices and gear? Very well, perhaps maybe not everybody receives…

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Kinds of Acupuncture

Watsu is in fact the first water based bodywork form on earth. It is used today by therapists all around the world in conjunction with Western styled massage therapy. It is most commonly used as a healing modality. It may also be used alone or with friends and relatives as massage.

The gentle stretch…

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Massage Treatment - Know the Techniques

Massage is just the manual manipulation of the soft tissue of the body. There are many kinds of massage techniques available, all which are geared to providing relief to the patient from pain, nervousness, and anxiety. Massage techniques can be implemented by palms, elbows, palms, shoulders, feet, f…

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